Wednesday, 12 July 2017

16 amazing facts about India

1. In 2004, farmers in Chattisgarh and other states started using Pepsi and Coke in their fields instead of pesticides, with effective results.

2. Half of the world's whiskey is consumed in India.

3. Thousands of flesh-eating turtles were released into the Ganga in 1990 in a move to get rid of the floating corpses from cremations conducted around the river.

4. The number of people who ride Mumbai locals daily is more than the population of New Zealand.
The trains see nearly 8 million commuters every single day.

5. The amount of steel wire used in the Bandra-Worli Sealink is equivalent to the total circumference of the earth.

6. Asola-Fatehpur Beri in New Delhi is known as "Bouncer Village" as it is home to over 300 musclemen employed in clubs and bars around the capital.
Multiple generations of men have grown up here with one mission – to become bouncers.

7. Speaking of kooky village names, there's a " Nagar" in Uttar Pradesh.
The villagers voted in favour of the renaming after the company installed 15 hand-pumps and saved them miles of walking for water every day.

8. More people die because of selfies in India than anywhere in the world

9. The Jharia coal mines of Jharkhand are home to an underground fire that has been burning for a hundred years now.
First detected in 1916, the fire has been raging on despite the efforts of the mining department and railway authorities.

10. Uttar Pradesh has an actual Association Of Dead People, an organisation whose members are folk who lost their land after being falsely declared deceased by their relatives.

11. There is a polling booth set up in the middle of the Gir forest for Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas, a temple priest and the lone voter from Banej in Gujarat.

12. In 2013, GoAir announced that it would only hire female flight attendants, in an effort to "save fuel", because they weighed 15-20 kg lesser than men on average.
It was estimated that the move would save them ₹3 crore annually.

13. This incredible map shows the populations of Indian states, and countries closest in terms of their population.

14. The Andhra Pradesh High Court has mandated that every doctor in India must write prescriptions in capital letters or legible handwriting.
The ruling came after a woman was accidentally given Misoprost 200, a tablet taken during abortions, instead of Microgest 200 which is used to treat ailments during pregnancy.

15. The village of Kodhini in Kerala was home to 220 sets of twins in 2009.

16. And ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission cost less than the movie Gravity.
At $100 million, the Oscar-winning film cost $26 million more than Mangalyaan's total budget.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

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