Friday, 7 July 2017

Malaysian independent singer creates a song for Qatar

Maizurah, a Malaysian independent singer and songwriter based in Qatar, created a song entitled #StayStrongQatar for what the country is going through.

Maizurah has been living and working in Qatar for almost 3 years now and having the passion to sing her heart out actually inspired her to write this song after feeling affected by the recent crisis in the Gulf after four Arab states announced the blockade of its neighbour Qatar.

Maizurah said: “As a Public Relations Officer in Qatar, I care about the public, people and humanity. The recent crisis really affected me personally as Qatar has been a country of opportunity to propel my career internationally and I consider Qatar as my second home.

“This song is very positive and uplifting. It encourages the Qatari people to keep going and to stay strong as always. On behalf of the Malaysian expats here in Qatar, I would like to dedicate this song to Qatar, and to all the people who live here,” concluded Maizurah.

#StayStrongQatar was written by Maizurah and produced by a UK music producer, Ben Haynes and recorded at the most famous recording studio in the world, Abbey Road Studios.

Some of the inspiring lyrics include “They can block you, they put you down, but they can’t break you…stay strong, stand on your own, keep on going, don’t lose yourself…stay strong, you’re not alone, spread your wings and believe in you…

Maizurah, originally from Malaysia has lived and worked in Doha, Qatar since 2015 as a Public Relations Officer at an engineering consultant company but is passionate of singing and envisions of becoming an internationally recognised singer someday. She has worked on and will be releasing a few more singles in time to come.

(Source: The Peninsula)

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